Rooted in gratitude for the many gifts God has bestowed upon us as individuals and as a community, Christian stewardship calls upon each of us to:

  • nurture our relationship with God through prayer (time)
  • put our faith into action through service (talent)
  • share our financial gifts with others through giving (treasure)

Making a Sunday Giving Commitment to Saint Clement Parish is an important part of what it means to be a Christian steward. Making a financial commitment to support the basic operating needs of the parish represents a tangible expression of gratitude for God's role in your life and the part the church has played in deepening your spiritual life. At the same time, your commitment enables our parish to support the many programs, ministries, and services that promote prayer, service, and giving to others within, and beyond the Saint Clement community. Through our Clement Commits program, we model sacrifical giving by donating 10% of our Sunday Collections to worthy charitable organizations. 

If you are just beginning your journey of responding with gratitude through giving, or would like to increase your overall level of sacrificial giving, see the Guide to Giving chart to the right. If you would like additional guidance on sacrificial giving, please contact Geraldine White.


  1. Pledge – First, complete the pledge form
  2. Fulfill the pledge online – Next, set up a one time, or recurring gift online. You may also mail in a check or request envelopes. Online gifts are encouraged.

We invite you to review the videos below from our 2021 campaign. Will you take a step with us?

2021 Sunday Giving Commitment: Introduction

Sunday Giving Commitment: Grow in Deeper Holiness (video 2)

We invite you to take the next step, to grow in deeper holiness with Saint Clement. Please complete the Holiness Commitment Form to learn more about the ministries and groups at our parish.

Sunday Giving Commitment: Grow in Greater Communion (video 3)

Please take time this week to prayerfully consider how you are called to support the Saint Clement community this upcoming year, both financially and through deeper engagement in our parish community, so we can continue to be a thriving parish in a thriving neighborhood.

Sunday Giving Commitment: Grow in Wider Service (video 4)

This week, prayerfully consider how you are called to take a step forward in service, in support of our sisters and brothers both in our parish family and in the community around us -- together, we can continue to be a thriving parish in a thriving neighborhood.

Sunday Giving Commitment: Thank You For Taking the Next Step (video 5)


Please fill out the stock letter of intention.


Please contact Trina Heffley, Parish Stewardship Coordinator..