The COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenging, unprecedented time in our lives. If you are struggling, please know, you are not alone and resources are available.

Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, and Emotional Support

Due to COVID-19, anxiety and depression are on the rise; however, resources are available.

Grief Support and Counseling with Patrice Nerone

Counseling and psychotherapy services are available with Patrice Nerone for individuals, couples, and families experiencing difficulty with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship conflicts, work stress, job loss problems, or feelings of being overwhelmed. Patrice offers grief support and counseling services through a HIPAA compliant Zoom platform provided by the Claret Center. Contact counselor Patrice Nerone, by phone 312-884-9879 or email for further information and to make an appointment.
A Call to Prayer: Providing a Light in the Darkness
Prayer can help to strengthen our bonds with one another and with God, regardless of our faith identities. By turning to prayer, we call forth a light in the darkness.
  • Who we are: Volunteers from across the Archdiocese of Chicago who feel called to accompany anyone needing prayer or feeling the need to pray with someone else.
  • What we offer: An opportunity to share your prayer intentions and a request that a prayer partner call or email you to pray together. Individuals may leave a voicemail message or send an email at any time and our prayer partners regularly check to see what intentions and prayer requests are made. If you request someone to return your call, we are here to pray with you — opening our hearts to God, asking for his blessings and peace.

Saint Clement COVID-19 Parent Support Group on Facebook

This Facebook group is for parents in the Saint Clement Parish Community to share helpful tips and to support each other during the COVID-19 Epidemic. Click here to join.

Domestic Violence

Covid-19 has increased the incidence and intensity of domestic violence. The Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline reports that calls for help increased 50% in March, from 60 to 90 a day. If you know or suspect someone is a victim, please check on them! If they are in immediate need, help them call 911, the National DV Hotline: 800.799.7233 or the Illinois DV Hotline: 877.863.6338 to connect to services. Visit for more information.

DCFS Mandated Reporter Hotline

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) notes that with physical school buildings closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the added stress that families are experiencing with the outbreak, vulnerable students are at greater risk of harm. Since the closure of schools in mid-March, DCFS hotline calls have dramatically decreased.
If you have concerns regarding the safety or wellbeing of a child or youth in your parish, please contact the DCFS hotline number, 800.25.ABUSE (800.252.2873). For non-emergencies, please make your report online at To assist you in submitting the required CANTS 5 (Written Confirmation of Child Abuse/Neglect Report: Mandated Reporters), you have the option of emailing this document to: