Want to learn about the Catholic Church? Interested in becoming Catholic? Are Catholic, but need to receive a sacrament? 

Join the RCIA

What is the RCIA?

Formally Speaking the RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation For Adults. It is the process by which new members are brought or otherwise fully initiated into the life of the Church. It is a program of prayer, conversion, learning, and faith sharing. In addition to RCIA sessions, participants will be encouraged to engage in the various faith and service opportunities and the very life of the Parish.

If you simply are interested in learning more about the Church, feel free to attend as many sessions as you like, but we do ask that you do register. If you have been Catholic for years and simply want a refresher on some of the basics, please feel free to attend. If you are a part of the parish and want to meet and welcome inquirers you too are most welcome to attend.

RCIA at Saint Clement

RCIA at Saint Clement is going to be offered year-round. What this means is that at any point in the year new inquirers can enter into this process of formation. All new inquirers will undergo a beginning program which will be focused on forming their understanding of prayer, their relationship with God, and the Church. When they are ready, they will move to a second phase of training in the life of Christ as it is lived out in the Church. This second phase will intensify the teaching and formational aspects of this program, but will never be divorced from seeking to deepen the inquirer’s relationship with God and the parish family of Saint Clement. After this second phase, when the person and parish discern, and following a final period of prayer akin to a retreat, the person is formally fully initiated into the Church.

The program, while done in groups, will be adjusted to the individual’s needs. The program will last as long as that person needs it to be, and the person will be initiated when they and the Church discern they are ready. The Easter Vigil, the celebration of the great mystery of Christ’s Passion Death and Resurrection has a primacy of place for reception, and persons to be baptized would ordinarily be received in at the Easter Vigil. That said, there will be other times throughout the year, when baptized persons, and as circumstances demand- unbaptized persons, will be initiated, as they are ready.


Sponsors of RCIA candidates are individuals who will journey with the inquirer through the process until they are baptized and/or confirmed. Sponsors should be fully initiated in the Christian life, who are open to sharing their faith with the inquirer. They must be over 16 and may not be the inquirer’s parent. If you are an inquirer, and do not have someone who would make a good sponsor, there are several parishioners who are very open to being sponsors. Sponsors are encouraged to attend RCIA meetings as they are able.




We meet Mondays at 7:00 p.m., in the chapel. Meetings last approximately one hour.

If you need to miss a meeting

Missing a meeting will happen, do not worry. Just pick up the next week.